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Debut Video Capture Software

March 6, 2010

 I love working and figuring out various Graphic Design and Digital Art computer programs, to help unleash my artistic creativity. I always wondered how I could record myself working on these various programs to help out beginners interested in learning computer software. I searched around and realized there are a lot of programs to choose from. Price ranges were from free to about $60 bucks. One program that stood out is a program called Debut Video Capture Recorder. I love this program for several reasons: For starters it’s free, Secondly it’s a stable program with powerful options. I can record with or without sound. I can also plug-in a mic and talk while I’m demonstrating step by step tutorials in my design software. Another cool feature is the video converter plug-in that works great with Debut Video Capture; it allows me to convert the wmv video format to other formats that fit my needs. Check out the link and try it for yourself.

I look forward to sharing free tutorials on some programs I work in using debut. My first line of free how to videos will be for the vector program Inkscape a great graphic design free software coming soon!