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Poser Webinar: Poser 11 New Features Overview Webinar

February 10, 2016

Poser Pro 11

I had a chance to check out the new Poser 11 overview.Their are new great features and updates that make this the best version of poser yet. Not sure? Check out the video overview for yourself.

Cick the link below to watch the poser 11 video

 Poser Webinar: Poser 11 New Features Overview Webina

Poser Pro 11 is the complete solution for creating art and animation with 3D characters. Includes over 5 GB of human and animal figures and 3D elements. Render scenes into photorealistic images and video for web, print, and film projects. As a standalone character animation system, or as a component in your production pipeline, Poser Pro 11 is the most efficient way for content creation professionals and production teams to add pre-rigged, fully-textured, posable and animation ready 3D characters in any project.

  • NEW! Physically Based Rendering
  • NEW! Improvements to Cartoon OpenGL Render
  • NEW! Area lights, caustics and volumetric materials
  • Fitting Room to convert your existing clothing and props to fit any figure Weight Map Creation Tools
  • Max, Maya, C4D, Lightwave and GoZ Integration
  • Network Rendering
  • 64 Bit Native Application
  • Game Development Features
  • 3D Content Creation Tools

A Better Way to Use Reference Images

August 22, 2015

If you’ve been following my blog posts, you’ll remember my post about as the best resource for digital painting in Photoshop. Matt Kohr(owner of control paint) posted of video demonstration of a new simple software for organizing and arranging your photo references. You are able to pan, zoom enlarge, re-arrange your images on a single layer, on a single document that can be very good for time saving and less hassle. The program is called PureRef ,and they only ask for a donation to download the software.

Click the links below:

video demonstration for using PureRef at ctrl paint,

link to the actual software below,


PureRef 2 best instruction for digital painting in Photoshop

August 10, 2015

Are you new to learning digital painting? OR do you have some experience painting but want to expand your knowledge on digital painting and apply it to other avenues of art and design; especially for art and entertainment. Such as concept art, character design, vehicle design, Illustration, and other fundamentals of art and design? If so I recommend

Ctrlpaint was created by Matt Kohr who has worked as a professional industry concept artist for many popular movies and games. He decided to share his experience and help direct enthusiastic artists’ with solid fundamentals for painting as well as solid skills in using the Photoshop platform.

The ctrlpaint site has a ton of free videos under the video library section. They are usually about 5 minute videos with clear organized instruction from Matt Kohr. Besides the free videos you can purchase the premium videos ranging roughly an hour long for an average price of about $10. I would recommend ctrlpaint for painting in Photoshop first before you invest elsewhere. If you get a chance to check out the site feel free to leave comments here about your experience.


ctrl paint digital painting

ctrl paint digital painting

Ctrl Paint Library

Visit at the link below

The Skillful Huntsman(Concept Art Book)

July 21, 2014

skillful huntsman

My latest book review is on The Skillful Huntsman; which is a concept art book that was inspired by old Grimm fairy tales. Concept artist and educator Scott Robertson selected 3 of his students from Art Center College of Design to work on the visual development over a 3-4 month time period.

What really made this book stand out was first, being able to read the grimm tale. Second, seeing how three concept artists approach design ideas from start to finished work; along with writing short notes on their thinking and reasons for creating the visuals. Also, having Scott Robertson giving a short synopsis’s after each artist’s input and designs made this book more enriching .

The contributing artists are: Felix Yoon, Mike Yamada, and Khang Lee. They provide a generous amount of concept art. From great vehicles, characters, creatures, environments, interiors and weapons designs packed into one book.
Also, the book is in color and approximately 160 pages.
Purchase it on link below:

I give this book 5 stars

more on this book and other published material at design studio press.


Color is Everything Book Review(Master the Use of Color in Oils, Acrylics or Watercolors)

March 20, 2014

Color is EverythingColor is Everything is a great choice for getting started with painting in any medium. It’s also a good introduction to color theory and harmonizing colors in your paintings. You will learn about the different tools, equipment and paints for acrylics, water colors and oils. Other great features are, learning how to effectively use the color wheel, learning the 6 color schemes and exploring  examples of how great masters use color effectively in paintings. The book is only 96 pages, easy to read and follow at a good pace.

also check out other books and resources I’ve reviewed on color theory for further study.

Dan Bartges

Vote for my Art to be Raw Visual Artist of The Year

October 2, 2013

rawards_voteforme_art Raw Profile page

Vote for me, artist Michael Burton, to be artist of the year with Raw Artists Organization. I need all my followers, friends and family support this week! vote everyday from October 1st thru October 9th.

Thank You!

Click on the link to my artist profile page

Michael Burton first live painting with 14 other artists Remix Peroni event

August 17, 2013

IMAG1383 IMAG1381 IMAG1384 IMAG1385 IMAG1386 IMAG1387 IMAG1391 IMAG1392 IMAG1393 IMAG1394 IMAG1395 IMAG1396 IMAG1397 IMAG1398 IMAG1399 IMAG1400 IMAG1401 IMAG1402 IMAG1403 IMAG1404 IMAG1405 IMAG1411 IMAG1414 IMAG1415 IMAG1416 IMAG1417 IMAG1418 IMAG1419 IMAG1437 IMAG1438 IMAG1439

The latest:

This past week I participated in one of the most important events of my career at this point. Last Sunday through Tuesday night I created at my first live painting event at Lacuna artist lofts. It challenged and revealed questions that have been running through my mind for a while.

For starters, I had a lot of first time experiences; the first time I painted along with 14 other talented artists in the same space. I have never painted a deck umbrella; for that matter, that’s the largest I’ve ever painted anything. Also, the first time I worked on a surface that wasn’t flat and a first that my work progress was documented on camera and video!

The challenge:

I, as well as the rest of the artists didn’t find out about the event until last Saturday afternoon, and was asked to participate the following day. I was a little hesitant because I hadn’t picked up a paint brush and painted in at least 3 years. I’ve been working in paint digitally and wasn’t sure of what I had in supply inventory; my paint, brushes and other supplies that may be needed.

Getting started:

I wasn’t sure of what I was going to create. I was used to painting tight detailed renderings with figures, but didn’t want to go that route with the umbrella project with the time challenge. When I got to the work site and saw the actual umbrella I was able to think out my options somewhat better. I decided to start with gradations of a sky and landscape in one corner of the umbrella. Approaching it this way gave me a chance to experiment with the brushes I had and how much water and towels I needed to flow.

Getting in the grove:

Painting that first section helped me to quickly realize I needed some small Tupperware containers for my paint mixtures, paper towel rolls, a gallon of water containers and which brushes were key for the project. From there I was set and much more comfortable with painting.

What was the painting about?

The night before the event I walked along the lake front for some exercise. The sun was going down leaving violets and pinkish warm gradients in the sky. It was a refreshing, calming site to see over the lake front and the green path heading north. I was at ease listening to the water hitting the rocks. I was thinking to myself; watching a sunrise or sundown and waves from water is priceless. I started painting off that moment and feeling of what paradise would look around different parts of the globe.


I came up with “Daydreams of Paradise”. Mediations of world peace, tranquility, conservation and restoration are what the world needs; especially in the time of war, violence, and the artificial/ synthetic movement.


I was hesitant and uncertain but glad I did it anyway. It showed that I could still work with paint as well as work under pressure with other people and things going on around me. It also enriched my life to see how other artists approach things, interact with each other as well as embrace each other’s unique vibe and personality. Finally, it enabled me to gain new art friends that understand what you feel and go though at times and push you to better yourself.

Last notes:

The art reception was  at Ferragosto Italian celebration-located at Oak street beach. It was a nice event, people wined and dined under our umbrellas, on lake shore drive-around the skyline(priceless). The umbrellas will travel on a national tour to a city near year you, and later will come back to Chicago where they will be auctioned off.

Michael Burton Video Interview with Raw Artists Chicago

August 12, 2013

Here is the latest interview with Chicago Artist Michael Burton(Urban Rockwell). In this short segment the artist talks a bit on what inspires him as an artist, his latest creations, and how he likes his first show with RawArtists organization.

Michael Burton Performance at Raw Artists Elevation

July 17, 2013

mb raw art 3

mb raw art 2
For those who missed my art showcase you can check out my live performance at the event. starts approximately 10 min. into the video timeline. I performed a couple of my poems. I didn’t get a chance to practice but I guess it worked out. Two days before the show I wrote a poem relating to the event titled Elevation. I didn’t type out the poem until a couple hours before the show.
lastly more content from the show coming soon. Thanks, Michael Burton.

Andrew Loomis Figure Drawing And All It’s Worth Book Review

April 23, 2013

After having a chance to thoroughly study Andrew Loomis’s approach to drawing the figure; I discovered areas I need to polish up on with figure drawing. This hardcover quality bound book covers various drawing exercises, theory, and techniques.

Loomis gives great advice and has organized the drawing lessons from beginner to experienced artists in a great building block format. In fact I would go as far as saying anyone interesting in learning how to draw the figure should explore this book first as a great foundational start.

Additional notes- some of the key topics covered in this book are; Mastering the Manikin, Ideal Proportions of the Male and Female, Drawing the Human Head, Light and Shade, Drawing the Planes of the Head and Body, Drawing the Figure in Perspective, Drawing the Figure in Good Compositions, Basic Anatomy, and additional Figure Drawing Studio tips.

I give this book 5 stars, an excellent instruction book.