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Dynamic Light and Shade

July 5, 2010

In this great book by Burne Hogarth, Dynamic Light & Shade is a must for any illustrator, concept artist, animator, comic artist or anyone in the realm of creative art. One should highly consider adding this book to their collection. This book teaches you from extensive examples on how to render and invent light, for drawing and painting figures in compositions.

The book starts with very simple silhouettes of primitive objects- to dynamic figures. From there, it teaches you how to see and understand positive and negative space; learning to see your composition in minimal light, single light sources to a variety of many other types of lighting and rendering;  indoor, out-door, etc.

Bottom line, if you’re an artist and want to make your work look 3 dimensional, then understanding light and shade, and being able to incorporate it into your illustrations and compositions are a must.

Win A Self Portrait From Me Official Kick Off Starts Now!

April 1, 2010
The kick off date is March 31, 2010 for the “Win A Self Portrait” From Urban Rockwell. The deadline is May 2, 2010.   
How to Win? 

1. Recommend someone to my site (they must sign up for my web-site and mention the person that referred them). The more referrals, higher chances of winning! 

2. You can follow my blog on word press and leave comments. 

3. Send the links of my site to an organization, the media, or other related forums to help spread the word! Thanks a lot!


Great news: New Art Blog, Website, Giveaway info

March 26, 2010

This is Urban Rockwell of Chicago! I know many of you that know me, know that I’m usually hosting exhibits, performances, etc. I’ve been low-key for nearly a year now. I had to slow down to improve my career and help others along the way. There are several things in the works and other things going on right now.

For starters, I’ve been studying the figure, exploring concept and entertainment art, new software; 2d, 3d, web and design.

Also, I just launched my new official site, New look, regular updates, etc. I am also proud that I pushed myself to produce an artist resource blog to help other artists, designers, and other useful info on WordPress.

The blog is filled with informative reviews for drawing, painting, creative software, access to free software, etc. This is how i want to start giving back so I can move ahead in my career and life. I urge anyone that knows someone interested in the arts; or don’t know how to access resources to get into the art, design, and 3D field, please recommend my blog. I got really inspired to push this after having the opportunity to host drawing workshops for Black History month 2010. I received a lot of feedback and inquiries about art.

To anyone who gets involved with helping push my art resources blog and official website; I will have plenty of give aways. Such as free original designed T-Shirts exclusively from me, Self Portraits, Prints, Originals, and more. If this sounds good follow me on WordPress or sign up on my official site to know when the give aways, contests, and referrals programs come up. I may even come out and teach a workshop or speak for a free day.