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Michael Burton Performance at Raw Artists Elevation

July 17, 2013

mb raw art 3

mb raw art 2
For those who missed my art showcase you can check out my live performance at the event. starts approximately 10 min. into the video timeline. I performed a couple of my poems. I didn’t get a chance to practice but I guess it worked out. Two days before the show I wrote a poem relating to the event titled Elevation. I didn’t type out the poem until a couple hours before the show.
lastly more content from the show coming soon. Thanks, Michael Burton.

Upcoming Contest: Win A Self Portrait Fom Me!

March 26, 2010

I’ve decided to come up with a contest starting March 31. The winner will receive an original drawing; self-portrait of themself, or whom ever they want it to be. If anyone is interested I’ll post details this coming weekend!