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Drawing the leg bones and muscles revisited

January 26, 2012

This anatomy installment will break down the leg bones and muscles. I tormented myself again by working very small on a 8.5″x11″ sketch book; which made it challenging to draw a lot of small detail and tendons that attach to the bones. The first stage is finding general proportions based on a 8 head figure. I used Riven Phoenix system on proportions, but studied actual anatomy from Rubins figure drawing book. One last note; I will try to remember to adjust the foot proportions before I post the last section.


Leg Muscle Studies with Riven Phoenix

April 7, 2010

Here are several examples of drawing and understanding the human leg. I approached it step by step; from the skeletal bone, following the muscles and tendons. I drew the leg from 4 different angles. Front, Back, Inside, and Outside. Again, I am studying with Riven Phoenix “The Structure of man” DVD series.