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A Better Way to Use Reference Images

August 22, 2015

If you’ve been following my blog posts, you’ll remember my post about as the best resource for digital painting in Photoshop. Matt Kohr(owner of control paint) posted of video demonstration of a new simple software for organizing and arranging your photo references. You are able to pan, zoom enlarge, re-arrange your images on a single layer, on a single document that can be very good for time saving and less hassle. The program is called PureRef ,and they only ask for a donation to download the software.

Click the links below:

video demonstration for using PureRef at ctrl paint,

link to the actual software below,


PureRef 2


Vase Still Life painting in Photoshop cs4

May 21, 2013

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I’ve expanded my digital painting methods by taking the time to learn Photoshop efficiently along with Corel Painter. I love working in both of the programs; each has  its advantages.

For this painting I set up the still life( props, lighting and photography). The light source was a single desk lamp, used  to create dramatic light and shadows of the vase’s form. The sheet underneath was set up with wrinkles to lead the eye to the vase; to give the still life a good composition and to help guide the viewers eyes around the vase.

I set it up around 300 dpi, for the brushes I used Photoshop’s round hard brush, round soft brush, large flat brush for the background and manipulated the blender brush to soften the shadows. I used the brushes at 1oo% opacity and the brush flow between 20-50%.

Take a look at the start to beginning process.

I started out drawing an outline of the base to the best of my ability; without using any of Photoshop’s tools(ellipse tool, pen tool etc.).  The next steps I painted were the large shapes. From their I found the middle tone, shadow shapes and details along with shadow shapes last. Once I worked out the painting enough I went back to make the last adjustments. I used Photoshop’s tools to make the last few adjustment; starting with the elliptical tool to get the top of the vase’s shape correct, followed by proportions, etc.