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Vote for my Art to be Raw Visual Artist of The Year

October 2, 2013

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Vote for me, artist Michael Burton, to be artist of the year with Raw Artists Organization. I need all my followers, friends and family support this week! vote everyday from October 1st thru October 9th.

Thank You!

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Michael Burton first live painting with 14 other artists Remix Peroni event

August 17, 2013

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The latest:

This past week I participated in one of the most important events of my career at this point. Last Sunday through Tuesday night I created at my first live painting event at Lacuna artist lofts. It challenged and revealed questions that have been running through my mind for a while.

For starters, I had a lot of first time experiences; the first time I painted along with 14 other talented artists in the same space. I have never painted a deck umbrella; for that matter, that’s the largest I’ve ever painted anything. Also, the first time I worked on a surface that wasn’t flat and a first that my work progress was documented on camera and video!

The challenge:

I, as well as the rest of the artists didn’t find out about the event until last Saturday afternoon, and was asked to participate the following day. I was a little hesitant because I hadn’t picked up a paint brush and painted in at least 3 years. I’ve been working in paint digitally and wasn’t sure of what I had in supply inventory; my paint, brushes and other supplies that may be needed.

Getting started:

I wasn’t sure of what I was going to create. I was used to painting tight detailed renderings with figures, but didn’t want to go that route with the umbrella project with the time challenge. When I got to the work site and saw the actual umbrella I was able to think out my options somewhat better. I decided to start with gradations of a sky and landscape in one corner of the umbrella. Approaching it this way gave me a chance to experiment with the brushes I had and how much water and towels I needed to flow.

Getting in the grove:

Painting that first section helped me to quickly realize I needed some small Tupperware containers for my paint mixtures, paper towel rolls, a gallon of water containers and which brushes were key for the project. From there I was set and much more comfortable with painting.

What was the painting about?

The night before the event I walked along the lake front for some exercise. The sun was going down leaving violets and pinkish warm gradients in the sky. It was a refreshing, calming site to see over the lake front and the green path heading north. I was at ease listening to the water hitting the rocks. I was thinking to myself; watching a sunrise or sundown and waves from water is priceless. I started painting off that moment and feeling of what paradise would look around different parts of the globe.


I came up with “Daydreams of Paradise”. Mediations of world peace, tranquility, conservation and restoration are what the world needs; especially in the time of war, violence, and the artificial/ synthetic movement.


I was hesitant and uncertain but glad I did it anyway. It showed that I could still work with paint as well as work under pressure with other people and things going on around me. It also enriched my life to see how other artists approach things, interact with each other as well as embrace each other’s unique vibe and personality. Finally, it enabled me to gain new art friends that understand what you feel and go though at times and push you to better yourself.

Last notes:

The art reception was  at Ferragosto Italian celebration-located at Oak street beach. It was a nice event, people wined and dined under our umbrellas, on lake shore drive-around the skyline(priceless). The umbrellas will travel on a national tour to a city near year you, and later will come back to Chicago where they will be auctioned off.

Michael Burton Video Interview with Raw Artists Chicago

August 12, 2013

Here is the latest interview with Chicago Artist Michael Burton(Urban Rockwell). In this short segment the artist talks a bit on what inspires him as an artist, his latest creations, and how he likes his first show with RawArtists organization.

Michael Burton Performance at Raw Artists Elevation

July 17, 2013

mb raw art 3

mb raw art 2
For those who missed my art showcase you can check out my live performance at the event. starts approximately 10 min. into the video timeline. I performed a couple of my poems. I didn’t get a chance to practice but I guess it worked out. Two days before the show I wrote a poem relating to the event titled Elevation. I didn’t type out the poem until a couple hours before the show.
lastly more content from the show coming soon. Thanks, Michael Burton.

Artist Michael Burton(Urban Rockwell) Featured at Raw Artist Event July 11

June 20, 2013

Raw Banner

It’s Michael Burton(Urban Rockwell), I’m back on the art scene. I Will be one of the featured artists to showcase at The Raw Artist Event. There will be a wealth of talent to see from visual artists, musicians, fashion designers, photography, dance, etc. I will be displaying my new talked about work “Mother Earth-Conservation Project” as well as my books, classic images and t shirts collection.
Come out and support if you can, I need to sell 20 tickets to be a lifetime member and have access to the organizations inter/national resources. MAKE SURE YOU BUY THE TICKETS FROM MY RAW ART PAGE,UNDER THE NAME URBAN ROCKWELL TO GET CREDIT FOR IT THANKS! (need to purchase before event date July 11)
Price: $10.00
When: July 11th
Where: Double Door
1572 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
Time: 8pm-12am
My Raw Artist Page Link below:
All Featured Artists Page Link below:
Thanks in advance,
Michael Burton/Urban Rockwell
A July RAWkstar!

Michael Burton Exhibit with Distinctly Art Festival South Shore

March 5, 2013









I would like to thank the South Shore Distinctly Art Festival staff for selecting my work for the group exhibition. This is the first time exhibiting my work in the Chicago South Shore area. The staff curators did a great job installing the work for the window display; it’s very vibrant and clean, and really catches your attention.
The exhibit has been up since October and will run through March(there will be a close out reception at the end of March). If you happen to be in the south shore area check it out on 71st and Oglesby.
One last note; this is a small part of the Mother Earth Conservation exhibit. Look out for the Conservation Exhibit A sometime this year.

Artist Michael Burton To Host, Draw Your Own Hobbit at Vernon Area Public Library, Dec 5th

November 27, 2012

Event Type: Teens Date: 12/5/2012 Start Time: 7:00 PM End Time:8:00 PM

With the movie “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” coming to theaters soon, join us for a drawing lesson with cartoonist Michael Burton and draw your own version of a Hobbit! Michael will teach the basics of cartooning and offer great suggestions as kids draw their own creations.
This program is free and open to all, but registration is required. Register online here, by telephone at 224-543-1486, or in person at any service desk in the library.

Vernon Area Public Library District Location: Library – Meeting Room Status:Openings

Please Note
  • Attendee must be between the grades of 5 and 9.

The Hobbit, An UnexpectedJjourney will be in theaters December  14, a Peter Jackson film, story by J.R. Tolkien

MIchael Burton joins the art for website

June 29, 2012

Many of you know I’ve been studying art theory, fundamentals, digital, and concept art. Along with my studies I’ve decided to create paintings with purpose; images that can tell a story. This approach will allow my portfolio in progress not to end up like homework studies. The new work turned out to be a conservation project with a fantasy theme. I recently teamed up with the “Art for conservation” community and selected some new material, along with a few of my older pieces to help create messages and spread the word on protecting our home(planet).

Check out some of the new work I’ve been working on before It’s release to the public.

Michael Burton new preview video for his book “Let Me Paint a Picture”

June 23, 2012

This is a book I self published and revised about 2  years ago. The idea to create and publish a book came from my mother after reading two of my written works. The first was “let me paint a picture” which turned out to be the title and epilogue for the book, and Struggle through seasons” a very personal but creative piece about my life.

It took a little over a year to complete the book, and was hard to categorize it since it was put together a little differently than the average book. I settled for calling it a creative memoir. I wrote, illustrated and published, Let Me Paint A Picture: My Life, Growth, and Testimony. The book has given me an even bigger picture about my career and life. Realizing another side of me that loves writing poetry and heavily conscious lyrics. Also, I knew I had a testimony to share with others; especially knowing God had granted me a second chance in life at such an early age; and why I’m so passionate about using my gifts and creating with purpose.

I peeled away at the layers of my life; touching on topics such as: Love, relationships, family, survival, dreams, goals, growing, life and death; journeying from child, to teen and adulthood,

for more details on the book check out my online store at

My first youtube video-“The Making of Mother Earth’s Color Portrait”

June 7, 2012

This is a fantasy portrait of Mother Earth; painted digitaly in Corel Painter X. This is the first of 10 finished pieces in a series for my conservation project. My goal is to produce a mini movie on the making of the project, to go along with the actual paintings for future art exhibits. Stay tuned for more updates on my youtube channel, art, news, and shows.

Thanks for watching!

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Michael Burton