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ZBrush Sculpture #3 Exploring Cartoon Chracters Head Shapes

February 24, 2012

Ok, I’m back in Zbrush sculpting cartoon characters. I started out by exploring various head shapes; from their I selected a couple out of the bunch and roughed out a few cartoon faces from the shapes. I kept the sculpture process simple and a little rough, in an attempt to build up my understanding and skill in the 3D program. As I make more time in my schedule, i will eventually get to do more detailed and polished work.

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My 2nd Zbrush 3D Sculpture Face

February 22, 2012

I decided to give another try at sculpting a face(almost human looking) in 3D using ZBrush 4. It’s still in rough mode but I thought I’d post it anyway. I definetly enjoy working and learning in the program without the don’t worry about messing up, or have to make something incredible or impressive attitude. My whole approach is to study ZBrush and other 3D programs at my leisure, while I continue to tackle and elevate my 2D drawing and painting mastery. The next zbrush sculpture will be a cartoon head, with a more simplified approach.

My first Z Brush Sculputure(in progress)

February 3, 2012

OK I’m pretty excited about working in ZBrush this time around. Last year I tried to work in the program but just had to much on my plate a the time. I wanted to really push my studies and skills forward in 2D drawing before I dived into 3D. I accomplished a lot staying focused on the 2D objectives(still learning), but I can relax my brain a little more and start learning ZBrush. For the past several weeks I’ve been watching a lot of Ryan Kingslien’s free previews of his courses at  I’ve learned a lot just from the 4-5 hours of watching him. It gave me the motive to just try it out,  to see how it works, and what I can come up with just ou of fun and curiosity.

Here are some snapshots of what I’ve come up with so far. Its nothing special, it’s not finished, and I don’t even really know what it is. The point is that I gave it a shot no matter the outcome. I plan to work on it further and eventually attempt to paint it.

Last notes ZBrush is a very powerful, fun, and versatile program great for entertainment, educational tools, etc., the possibilities are endless. I plan on taking some workshops to really get to know this program, as well as coninuing to build up my skills in concept art; at this pace I’ll be ready for a career change.