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Michael Burton exhibits with 17 other T-Shirt Designers April 20-May 6

April 16, 2012

This is Michael Burton, I’m excited to announce my participation at the brand new art center space: Studio 22 in Berwyn, IL. Check out the details for the show below.

We’re proud to announce our fourth exhibit at 22, The T-Shirt Show. This event will showcase the work of 18 T-shirt designers from Berwyn, the Chicago area, and across the country. The show explores the idea of the limited edition and the possibilities offered by textile intervention, creating a hybrid clothing boutique and gallery environment.

Join us for a reception on Friday, April 20 from 6pm to 9pm. Shirts will be available for sale at the discretion of the artist.

Check out Studio 22 at:

6910 Cermak Rd

Berwyn, IL 60402


April 7, 2012

If you’re an artist looking to expand your knowledge on Color Theory and Light; this is definitely a must video to check out. If you have trouble getting your images to pop, or maybe they look to flat and saturated, or have trouble deciding what colors to use for a painting, or maybe you think you feel you have to use every color in your paint collection? Jason Manley gives a great presentation on Color Theory, gives great examples from the Old Masters approaches to handling light and color. He also gives advice and examples of how color theory and light are used in blockbuster films and video games.

COLOR AND THE THEORY OF LIGHT is one of the most elusive courses in education. We will be delving deeply into the importance of lighting theory for illustration, concept design, Fine Art, 3D, film, games, comics, and visual media of all kinds. Communicating the visual feeling of light, and depth of mood is of the utmost importance when making art, no matter the field or industry. Accurate visual, abstract, and emotional qualities of color will be focused on. We will cover basic, intermediate and advanced color theory as directly related to making visual art. Students will learn how to create focal areas, pictorial space through color movements and atmospheric perspective as well as narrative color control for precise and purposeful visual storytelling.