My first Z Brush Sculputure(in progress)

OK I’m pretty excited about working in ZBrush this time around. Last year I tried to work in the program but just had to much on my plate a the time. I wanted to really push my studies and skills forward in 2D drawing before I dived into 3D. I accomplished a lot staying focused on the 2D objectives(still learning), but I can relax my brain a little more and start learning ZBrush. For the past several weeks I’ve been watching a lot of Ryan Kingslien’s free previews of his courses at  I’ve learned a lot just from the 4-5 hours of watching him. It gave me the motive to just try it out,  to see how it works, and what I can come up with just ou of fun and curiosity.

Here are some snapshots of what I’ve come up with so far. Its nothing special, it’s not finished, and I don’t even really know what it is. The point is that I gave it a shot no matter the outcome. I plan to work on it further and eventually attempt to paint it.

Last notes ZBrush is a very powerful, fun, and versatile program great for entertainment, educational tools, etc., the possibilities are endless. I plan on taking some workshops to really get to know this program, as well as coninuing to build up my skills in concept art; at this pace I’ll be ready for a career change.

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