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Urban Rockwell Participates in The Peace Project Sierra Leone

September 28, 2011

My art submission for the PEACE PROJECT made the cut for the traveling exhibit. I feel good knowing I’m using my art for a great cause;
Lisa Schultz (Organizer of the Peace Project) was moved by photos of victims of the African country’s civil war.

On September 21st, World Peace Day, The Peace Project will lead a coalition of partners (including UNICEF), and get the country of Sierra Leone off the ground by providing 10,000 pairs of crutches and mobility devices to everyone in need throughout this entire post-conflict country (home to over 20% of the world’s amputees). This historic effort will be publicized around the world in an effort to show that dramatic change and sustainable peace is possible if people work together…….. more on this article at link below

Check out this Interview of her on Channel 5 news in LA discussing her movement.


Figure Drawing (Design and Invention)

September 16, 2011

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Artist and Instructor Michael Hampton is releasing a revised 2011 edition of his remarkable book on figure drawing, anatomy, design and invention. I was very pleased and gained so much insight from Hampton’s mastery, experience, and theory on the human figure.  This book is hard to get a hold of since its’ self published by the author. My advise is to get it as soon as it hits the online stores. Also, This is a must have book for anyone that want to take their figure drawing to the next level.

Check out further information below!

4th edition coming out September 2011! The 4th edition has updated chapters on drawing the arms and legs.
Originally published in August of 2009, this book gives a process-based approach to learning to draw the figure. The book has received much praise, and is used as a reference text by schools and animation/game art companies alike. More info

Also, check out this Q & A with Michael Hampton featured on CG Masterclasses.

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Color and Light (A Guide for the Realistic painter)

September 1, 2011

James Gurney is an artist known for his plein-air landscape paintings, as well as his award-winning illustrations of fantasy and historical subjects.  He is also known as the author and illustrator of the best-selling illustrated book series, Dinotopia.

I want to say that this is the best book I’ve read on Color Theory & Light. It’s not to technical or dry. It’s very good reading with excellent art examples from Gourney and modern-day artists. It shows you various ways to approach painting with light and color options you’ve probably never thought about. With this book I now have more methods to experiment with, and it also pushes me to get out of my comfort zone when choosing color palettes to paint with. he also gives you things to think about such as; themed colors for moods and purpose, limited color palettes, composition, etc. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

Check out the authors website: