Douglas Klauba “A Favorite Artist”

This is a special “Favorite Artist” segment. Douglas Klauba is a fellow alumnus from the American Academy of Art in Chicago and art friend.

Doug’s work is very creative, inspiring and mind-blowing. When you see it you just shake your head in wonder of how he created that piece. His work is all done traditionally; in fact, his painting method is so intense and clean that it almost looks impossible for him to pull off so much detail, textures, and transparent effects, that it looked like he would have needed to retouch it in the computer to add finishing touches to his paintings. He just has an amazing eye and a great touch with the brush that works for him and his style.

I was also content to finally see him grace the pages of  Imagine Fx magazine(issue 65); as I feel people need to be aware of his exceptional contributions to the Fantasy-Sci-Fi, Illustration, Comic Book, and conceptual work along with any other elites in the field.

More on Douglas Klauba:

As a kid growing up in Chicago, Doug collected illustrated paperback covers, printed his own comic books and made movies with friends. His creative impulses lead him to a serious interest in painting, and he went on to graduate from the American Academy of Art in Chicago in 1985. After gaining valuable professional experience by working at several downtown illustration studios, Doug moved to California to study at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco.

Upon returning to Chicago, Doug established his own studio where his illustrations have been commissioned for posters, advertising, book covers, magazines, corporate communications, calendars and collector plates by various national and international agencies and design firms. His work has been recognized for its heroic-deco style that includes influences of WPA murals and Art Nouveau design.

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