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Free 3D modeling program Sculptris

October 12, 2010

 Check out this 3D program sculptris.  It’s a very powerful but simple modeling program sponsored by the makers of  Zbrush. This program has gotten great reviews from users as well as credited professional graphics magazines.

Sculptris wants you to make 3D models. Download it and have a go! I’m sure you will enjoy.Watch the trailer!
Instructions can be found in documentation.txt within the zip archive, but I recommend visiting the forum and watching some videos to get an idea of how to really use the application.

Sculptris Alpha 5 is a prototype of software currently being developed by Pixologic™.

Don Bluth(Dragons Lair Artist) Animation tutorials

October 6, 2010

Don Bluth Animation Tutorials
So, you want to be an animator? Learn from an Animation Master, Don Bluth, through his animation tutorials which are jam-packed with phenomenal techniques and secrets. Get inspired with expert Tips that will instruct you how to design entertaining characters and show you how to develop fresh ideas quickly. These DVD tutorials are intended to expand your understanding of both Traditional and CG animation techniques.  With these informative lessons, you too can have a successful career in the animation industry.
Don’s highly instructional animation dvd’s will motivate you to greater heights whether you’re a young student or a seasoned professional.  All your animation technique questions will be answered in these awesome tutorials.

Free 2d tutorials

October 6, 2010

I checked out a cool 2d tutorial from artist David Revoy using Alchemy, My Paint, and Gimp.