Riven Phoenix figure drawing tutorials re-visited

After completing the entire training series I can give a more thorough review.

Riven Phoenix presents a unique way of thinking and breaking down the human body in your mind. He states clearly that this is a GENERAL approach(meaning generic) approach to drawing the figure. Inventive drawing(Phoenix) is different from drawing what you see(life drawing). Most of his lessons are only 7-15 minutes; so you’re not going to get a super dynamic demonstration but a general idea and general observational approach.. It has helped me a lot. I’m not a concept artist but have decided to explore and try to get into it now. I have some formal school training with live models and Illustration but I need to expand my knowledge of the figure. My biggest problem was always seeing the figure as a complex subject. I needed to find a different approach to figure drawing. Studying Phoenix’s approach, combining my studies from life drawing, and drawing what I see, is helping me bridge the gap. Now, I can make more sense out of what I’m drawing by adding an abstract (generic approach along with using a more consistent study tools of great anatomy books and life drawing).

Final thoughts: Riven Phoenix has a good niche for what he does to help certain types of artists. Depending on your level of understanding this series may or may not help you. It has definitely helped me and yes I would recommend it. The best way to learn is to go along with his tutorials but also reference back with a good anatomy book to sharpen and enhance your studies. His techniques are good for helping work out your characters and figures. You would use this for a solid understanding when creating and working out your characters; especially when you have to work quickly and meet deadlines. When you think about it, if your drawing out storyboards or character sheets for a company, you just need the general (basic) idea of anatomy to get your ideas flowing quickly. Anatomy for life drawing is just that; realistic, detailed and accurate drawings for anatomy only, not necessarily for commercial entertainment. A good contrast is myself and my best friend. I’m pretty descent with drawing portraits and likenesses from life and photos. My buddy is better with inventing out his head. He didn’t have patience with drawing from life; he’d rather look at a person for a while, and then go home and re-invent the image from his head and get a likeness. So it really depends on where you’re at as an artist and being open with other perspectives on learning to better yourself.

I give The Riven Phoenix Structure of Man DVD drawing course 5 stars. Also, don’t think that this is the only series that you need to study to achieve mastery. This is groundbreaking, but this is just the beginning. Practice, Persistence, Passion, Patience, Love, and an Open Mind will all play a part in achieving a mastery level of  drawing the figure from your mind.

For more info on Riven Phoenix Structure of Man ( Drawing the human figure from your mind)check out his website:


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8 Responses to “Riven Phoenix figure drawing tutorials re-visited”

  1. luis pe Says:

    ive been using the riven phoenix drawing course for about 2 month and i am finishing it, and nowadays i can say that i can draw freely.

  2. jamii Says:

    Dear Urban Rockwell,

    Thanks for your link to drawing Tutorials Online – is much appreciated.

    Thanks again
    Jamii (-:

  3. thomas (@tbiz33) Says:

    As far as art goes.. This course is the best thing that ever happened to me!! Worth the money!

    • urbanrockwell Says:

      Hey Thomas, glad the structure of man course by Riven Phoenix has hepled you with your journey and passion with drawing. feel free to share some of your work with me. I learned a lot from him as well.

  4. IT Says:

    I barely started the Structure Of Man series of workshops and was wondering how long does it take till one becomes more autonomous when drawing from the mind. I assume about two months if one works a few hours every week.Thanks for confirming the value of the workshops set. I have a gallery at ileana2012.deviantart.com if you want to see my current level of drawing. The woman with white hair is as far as I could get for rendering the skin and face.

    • urbanrockwell Says:

      Hello Ileana, thanks so much for stopping by; it’very appreciated. Well, as far as how long it takes to draw autonomous depends on so many things. For one, the style approach your trying to accomplish, time you put into practice, and I can’t stress practice enough. Riven Phoenix is a good program, but is just the beginning. You can learn to draw some of the basic things with Phoenix but will only look like Phoenix work. You need to try life drawing, build up your reference library for ideas as soley drawing from your mind only goes so far; after that everything will just look the same after while. I’d say see how far you can get with the Phoenix program(it may be a lil’ tough to listen to him as he can be mnotone at times, from there I would definetly check out http://www.drawingtutorialsonline.com to really push your skills up; as you will learn so much from so many different subjects on drawing such as human anatomy,figure drawing, drawing from memry(different approach), life drawing, portraits, still life, light and shade, composition, perspective, etc. not to mention you get your artwork, drawings critiqued on video so you can track your progress and feedback. Also, he’s an extremley good teacher as well as speaker so learning isn’t a drag. it’s only 20.00 a month but you can cancel and come back anytime. Trust me on this one. Also, saw your deviant page; got great potential keep it up, and be patient as I’ve had to learn if you are really serious about art be prepared to be a stuent for life.

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