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Want to learn how to draw the human figure?

December 19, 2009

I am very excited to give my first review on the most incredible step by step video tutorials by Riven Phoenix on Learning how to draw the human figure from your mind. There are so many reasons why this is an incredible learning tool, For starters, the first 5 lessons taught me more about the figure than I learned in school, books, or anywhere else. Riven includes a 5 disk, 43 hours of video tutorials for $49.00. Imagine how much you would pay for college courses! Also, going along he reveals formulas for learning and memorizing the basic proportions of the figure, along with direct and indirect approaches for drawing the figure. He gives technical as well as spontaneous artistic approaches to drawing. Never have I stumbled upon so much information and education for a small price. Don’t hesitate to get this drawing package if your thinking about drawing or already drawing; Want to be a concept artist? Character designer, medical illustrator? This series will help artists on all levels unleash their artistic skills and creativity.